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Written by: Virbac Nederland
24-11-2011 02:43 

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Invitation for equine veterinarians to participate in the “Congress Osteochondrosis” during the Royal Dutch Sport Horse Stallion Show on 2 February 2012

Stallion Show 2012On Thursday 2 February, Pavo, the Dutch Animal Health Service (GD) and Virbac will organize, in cooperation with Group-Medical Science-Horses (GGP) and the Royal Dutch Sport Horse, KWPN, a unique practice seminar regarding Osteochondrosis, with very experienced speakers, such as Mrs. Dr.  I. van Grevenhof, Mrs. D. Arts, Mrs. PhD. J. Rattray and leading speaker Dr. L. Bramlage from the USA, certified by the ACVS.

During the Royal Dutch Sport Horse Stallion show in ’s-Hertogenbosch, you will learn about revolutionary new scientific insights in the field of fragmentation, genetics and nutrition. In the morning program Dr. L Bramlage of Rood & Riddle Hospital will talk about the effects of fragmentation in the joint. After lunch Dr. J. Rattray of the Dutch Animal Health Service (GD) wil talk about the latest insights in the relation of feeding young foals (0 – 12 months of age) and the incidence of osteochondrosis. Then Dr. I. van Grevenhof of Wageningen University and Ir. D. Arts (breeding specialist of the KWPN) wil cover the results of the offspring research on osteochondrosis carried out by the KWPN and the consequences for the KWPN breeding schemes in the future. After the break Dr. Bramlage will continue on the topic “prognoses for sportshorses after surgery”.

Following this very informative day, we would like to invite you for a winter buffet and subsequently you can visit the Royal Dutch Sport Horse Stallion Show. In short, a day filled with scientific information, combined with top quality of breeding and sports, wRegistration congress osteochondrosishich you would not wish to miss, being an equine veterinary specialist!

We would like to invite you for this informative day amongst colleagues, which will cost €225. In the Netherlands, this symposium was made obligatory for all equine veterinary specialists who perform examinations. You can register via the special registration portal. Just click on the button right here.

We look forward to meeting you on 2 February during the Royal Dutch Sport Horse Stallion Show in ’s-Hertogenbosch! Don’t forget to write the date in your agenda!

9.15-9.45 am:
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Donderdag 2 februari 2012

Registration of participants, Coffee                                                
Dr. L Bramlage, Rood & Riddle Hospital:
‘The Effect of Traumatic and Developmental Fragmentation on the Joint’
PhD. J. Rattray, GD:
‘Feeding foals in relation to Equine Osteochondrosis‘
Dr. Ilse van Grevenhof, WUR & mevr. Ir. D. Arts, KWPN:
‘Selection strategy against Osteochondrosis’
Coffe break
Dr. L Bramlage, Rood & Riddle Hospital:
‘The Prognosis for Athletic Activity After Injury and Arthroscopic Surgery of the Fetlock Joint’
Free access to the evening programme of the Royal Dutch Show Horse Stallion Show, jumping 


From cattle market to a very special congress and meeting centre
For many years, each week, cows and calves would exchange ownership at this location; nowadays knowledge and skills are exchanged here. The former cattle hall has been transformed to a state-of-the-art congress and meeting centre, which offers modern comfort mixed with the authentic character of days gone by.

These were turbulent times, that much is sure. The thirties of the last century remind us of the Unemployment Benefit Offices, but also of very special architecture. In 1931, the city of ’s-Hertogenbosch opened the largest completely covered indoor cattle market complex in the Netherlands. Its architecture blended the style of the Expressionist Amsterdam School with the Traditionalist Style. The result is so unique, that the stately building has been listed as a nationally listed monument.

Praktijkcongres ostechondrose 2 februari 2012Praktijkcongres ostechondrose 2 februari 2012Praktijkcongres ostechondrose 2 februari 2012

                                        Oude Engelenseweg 1, 5222 AA ’s-Hertogenbosch

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